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  • Xbox Axes Critically Acclaimed Studio, Creator Royale 2 Update, Switch 2 Announcement?!

Xbox Axes Critically Acclaimed Studio, Creator Royale 2 Update, Switch 2 Announcement?!

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Any typos in this email are on purpose actually.

Happy Tuesday Streamers!

How was your weekend?

I spent mine with my wife and mother-in-law enjoying some delicious meals in celebration of Mother’s Day (2x for the U.S. and Mexico dates). It was a lovely time and I was thankful to have the means to gift my amazing wife something for the occasion.

Sadly, life isn’t without its surprises.

The weekend took a turn for the worst when I got some troubling news.

My mom was in the hospital.

That text message made my stomach twist into knots.

I, obviously, did what most men would do in this situation and immediately shut down my emotions and pressed on with my day. I just acknowledged the text, asked for updates, and shot my mom a little message making sure she knew I was thinking of her.

I know, I know. It probably wasn’t the best way to handle things…I’m still working through that.

You see, we’re living in two different states and I last saw her seven months ago when my daughter was born, which had its own challenges and trauma.

It wasn’t easy to receive that news knowing I was so far away and had no immediate means of traveling in the event of an emergency. The situation was out of my control and the only thing I could do was focus on the present and hope that the situation was minor.

Thankfully, it was and she was discharged that same day.

Occasions like Mother’s Day are weird like that. They bring so much joy and can also bring so much pain. Every person’s relationship with their mother is different, but I think we all can relate to the dichotomy of that experience.

To all the incredible moms in our streaming community, I hope your Mother's Day weekend was filled with moments of joy and relaxation.

Whether you're celebrating recent achievements, navigating your own challenges, or reflecting on past memories, remember that your well-being is essential. I hope you took some time for self-care, surrounded by friends and family to uplift and support you.

Keep shining, and know that I’m here cheering you on every step of the way!

Enjoy the rest of the newsletter!


P.S. I decided to setup a custom domain for the newsletter. I can now be found at news.dimthelights.live!!!

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🥇This Week’s Top Stories

Microsoft Shuts Down Multi-Award Winning Studio Behind Hi-Fi Rush

The trend of abrupt studio closures continues, this time affecting Arkane Austin (Dishonored, PREY) and Tango Gameworks (Hi-Fi Rush, The Evil Within).

Arkane is coming off a less than stellar release in Redfall which promised a lot and did not deliver. Now, I’m not saying Arkane’s closure is justified, but when you take a huge hit like Redfall did, atleast there is some semblance of reasoning. Contrast this with Tango Gameworks who hot dropped Hi-Fi Rush in early 2023 garnering several awards and acclaim despite being a completely original IP.

The closures had the gaming industry as a whole asking, “Why?!”.

Well, according to Head of Xbox Game Studio Matt Booty, Xbox “need(s) smaller games that give us prestige and awards…”. Funny, because…I’m pretty sure that is what Tango Gameworks just accomplished. See Matt’s full statement here.

The rhythm hack-and-slash platformer has a solid 87 on Metacritic and is Overwhelmingly Positive with 23K reviews on Steam. Even Tango Gameworks’ project manager took a dig at Xbox heads decision with a mic drop of a tweet showing off a row of awards with the caption, “Not Enough?”.

President of Xbox, Sarah Bond, didn’t offer a better answer. During a recent interview with Bloomberg Tech, her response to why the critically-acclaimed Tango Gameworks is getting shelved felt more like a rambling deflection than a sincere explanation.

Sarah believes the last year in industry growth plateaued and the cost of gaming has continued to skyrocket. These factors, according to Sarah, has resulted in a lack of overall growth for Xbox and other studios / platforms. She’s not wrong here, but it doesn’t quite explain why an award-winning studio pays the price for a stagnant industry. You can watch the full interview.

Just to clarify, my goal here isn’t to hate on Sarah. I was very excited to hear when she was announced as President of Xbox. You can’t possibly blame her for industry wide problems that existed before her tenure.

However, her answers-sorry, her lack of answers indicate that large platforms like Xbox have no plan in place to protect and support smaller game studios EVEN when they manage to hit a homerun.

For now, you can still enjoy Hi-Fi Rush on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. Limited Run is also planning to release physical editions.

This is getting depressing y’all.

Nintendo Head Confirms Huge News For The Switch 2

In some lighter news, Nintendo President Furukawa confirms that the Nintendo Switch successor will be announced later in 2024.

He also indicated that he feels very positive about meeting customer demand for the new system referencing a much healthier semi-conductor market than in recent years. The original Switch, Switch Lite, and Switch OLED sold a combined 140 million units. We can safely assume that each Switch owner will be looking to make the upgrade whenever the new console is released.

Despite the fact that we don’t have much more information about this new console, rumors have already sprouted about the hardware specs and the potential of a Breath of the Wild sequel launching with the console. We may get a little teaser in the planned Nintendo Direct presentation slated for June 2024.

Until then, I’ll just be daydreaming about the successor to the Nintendo Switch.

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  • Legendary is bringing Poppy Playtime to the big screen. See Announcement

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  • The next Assassin’s Creed game, now confirmed to be subtitled Shadows, will premiere a cinematic trailer on May 15th. See Announcement

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