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Another Platform Falls, Twitch ANZ 2024 Creators, Lego X Fortnite Expansion

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Happy Tuesday, Streamers!

I don’t know what your weekend was like, but it's been a whirlwind for me.

In some personal news, my five-month-old daughter underwent a (planned) major surgery over the weekend, and we spent several days in the hospital. I'm relieved to report she's recovering well, and we were able to return home yesterday. This is her second major surgery in her brief existence and she has one more to go, arguably the most important one. I’m not looking forward to seeing her back at the hospital, but I am thankful she is progressing well and that we are one step closer to putting this behind us.

She is so young, but she continues to prove how incredibly resilient she is. Thank you to everyone who has reached out to see how she has been doing and for the many generous individuals who made sure we were well fed while my wife and I looked after our daughter.

Amid our hospital stay, I had the honor of sponsoring three amazing creators. Some you might be familiar with, others might be new friends, but I encourage you to check out and support their Twitch channels!

In case you missed it, I interviewed Twitch streamer and musician (and good friend) annkins. We dove into her journey as a content creator, and she offered valuable insights for those navigating their own path in the streaming world. You can read the interview here.

I also had the opportunity to sponsor iSageSen, a GOATED Valorant player and variety streamer who shared some top-notch resources in this week’s Tuesday To-Dos. Make sure you scroll down to take a look!

On Sunday, I sponsored Snooofie, known for her engaging APEX Legends streams and strong community focus. Stay tuned for an upcoming interview where she reveals her accidental dive into content creation, the story behind her username, and her community-first approach.

I have big plans for April and want to get as many creators involved as possible. So if you know someone who is looking for sponsorship and collaboration opportunities, send them to my Twitter account where I broadcast what I’m up.

Enjoy the rest of this week’s newsletter!


Tuesday To-Dos

Every week I bring you🖐️ actionable tasks to help you improve your content. See what’s new this week 👇

  1. 🫳 Snag - Get free game keys from leading studios by showcasing your channel. Connect your channels

  2. 🤝 Collaborate - Team up with publishers eager to hype their upcoming releases! Explore active campaigns

  3. 🐮 Farm - Manage your farm in Rusty's Retirement, an idle-farming simulator perfect for multitasking. Download now

  4. 🔴 Stream - Macbook streamers, elevate your broadcast with Meld, featuring top-notch VFX and robust scene editing. Discover more

  5. 🎮 Try - Get a sneak peek of Harvest Hunt, an indie horror game by Villainous Game Studio. Download the demo and request a game key

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🥇This Week’s Top Stories

Another Live Streaming Service Shuts Down

In a surprising announcement, VStream, a popular platform for VTubers, declared it will cease operations on April 1, 2024, due to financial difficulties. The platform, which has been a home for the vibrant VTubing community, struggled to secure additional funding, leading to its unfortunate closure.

VStream staff shared a heartfelt message, expressing regret over the decision and acknowledging the support that the community has shown over the years. VStream's shutdown marks the end of a journey that saw the platform develop innovative technology and foster a unique space for VTubers to thrive.

As the shutdown date approaches, users are encouraged to download their content from VStream. A VOD download tool has been released, allowing creators to retrieve their videos directly. Fans and creators are being assisted with subscription cancellations and outstanding payments to ensure a smooth transition.

The closure of VStream is a significant moment in the live streaming and VTubing landscape, underlining the financial challenges faced by digital platforms. The farewell message reflects a mix of gratitude and sadness, as well as hope that the legacy of VStream will inspire future innovations in the VTubing space.

  • A new YouTube Studio update will allow creators to analyze video retention based on segments: subscriber vs non-subscriber, new vs returning, organic vs paid Learn More


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  • After launching 2 weeks ago, The Sidemen sell over 100,000 boxes of their new cereal brand. Learn More

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🎮 Gaming News

  • Forge your own LEGO adventures inside Fortnite! Discover how to build your own blocky worlds. Learn more

  • Paramount+ surprises fans with Ark: The Animated Series debut! Star-studded cast includes Jeffrey Wright and Vin Diesel. Watch now

  • Roblox announces a $35M creator fund: a golden opportunity for aspiring game makers to shine and earn. Find out how

  • Will Smith's feature role in Tencent’s Undawn goes unnoticed amid game's flop. What went wrong? See updates

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